Case study


  • Location Strand East, Stratford
  • Sector Civils
  • Value £4.5m

Works Description

The Strand East Works are part of the overall redevelopment of Hunts Island in Stratford by Vastint. The development is a phased programme of works to form a new town self contained with all residential and amenities.

The Project was in effect a green field site (post decontamination) requiring a new access roads, infrastructure, drainage & services etc to service each of the plots throughout.

The main works comprised of 

  • Bulk Earthworks involving the reduced level excavation across the site with excavated materials remediated and redistributed on site. 
  • Storm and Foul Drainage for the entire site that connected to the Thames Water Sewer System of Stratford. Drainage depths varied from 1.5m to 6m.
  • Future proof services for the site to include comms, electrical and district heating system contained in verges throughout.
  • Earth Retaining Structures along section of the infrastructure roads to facilitate the basement build of the new plots.
  • Substructures for new build plots comprising of traditional pile caps to piling and then ground floor slabs.
  • Large attenuation tanks, petrol interceptors, flood balancing tanks.